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The best location at Maremma – Toscana


Imagine an ancient village perched 470 m above sea level, nearby the lovely village of Pari.
This village, called Monte Acuto, boasts ancient traditions. Known by the name of “Montegutolo” owes its fame to the Count of Ardenghesca, under whose lordship between the 12th and 13th century expanded the community. Soon Siena, given the strategic location of Ardenghesca, overtook the territory, referred as Montegutolo and became the stronghold. The complex organization of the community brought it to have its own Statute, dating all the way back to 1280, today the oldest in the vernacular. Thus, this is how the legend of Monte Acuto began…Would you like to be part of it too?
Staying at the Poggio alla Rocca a gaze at the breathtaking panorama is dominate, from the hills of Siena to Montalcino, from the Val d’Orcia to Monte Amiata up until sliding into the lower Maremma. One may enjoy an immaculate nature, a sky filled with stars and discover the advantages of the thermal waters just 5km away (Terme di Petriolo).

Poggio alla Rocca is considered the best location of Maremma:
Maremma Guide

Poggio alla Rocca is committed to promoting sustainable tourism that respects the environment with the guest integrated into the resident community.

Poggio alla Rocca has received the recognition” The Most Beautiful Skies of Italy – GOLD level”, as the destination of excellence and among the best places to observe the Stars and the Milky Way: Astronomitaly- Poggio alla Rocca


From Poggio alla Rocca begins a circular trail of 6 km downhill and then slightly uphill following it all the way back to Poggio alla Rocca passing near the farmhouse of Vignali and turning 3 times to the left at the crossroads arriving to the football field of Pari, Pari (one may enter Pari or take the trail that passes under Pari) then Ferraiola, Monte Acuto and back to Poggio alla Rocca or we recommend the trail from Casal di Pari – Castle of Belagaio (10 km) in the natural reserve of Farma very panoramic up until the ranch of the Forest Protection.

Other trails upon request

Adventure Parks:

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The Adventure Park, or commonly called Acrobatic Trail in Air, is a type of adventure park in the middle of nature, consisting of routes situated at different heights from the ground that, with the help of lianas, ropes, Tibetan bridges, cable (Zip-line), nets and gangways, allow one to pass from one tree to another (or a suitable artificial structure) in complete security. The paths of the adventure park are differentiated by level of difficulty and increasing commitment and are a perfect union between playful activity, training and sport practices. Normally the paths are differentiated between the use for children and adults (flying-fox). There are paths for different skill levels by ability which are marked with colors as in ski slopes, such as green, blue, red and black.

The nearest adventure park to Poggio alla Rocca are:

Amiata Balance (50 km)

Castel del Piano Castel del Piano (Grosseto )

Cell  334/2432044

Adventure Park “Cieloverde  (62 km)

Via della Trappola, 181 – 58100 Marina di Grosseto (GR)

tel. 3356119077

Adventure Park Saltalbero (60 km)

Loc. Fontemaggio, 25 – 53040 Rapolano Terme (SI)

tel. e fax 0577 725307
cell. 348.5815842 / 338.9333977

Horseback riding at Fattoria il Santo (10 km)

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In a splendid natural oasis, there isn’t anything more enjoyable than relaxing on a horse while exploring the secrets of this land; at our breeding stables of Quarter Horses.
One may follow: theoretical lessons and lessons to naturally approach a horse, educational programs and training for schools, groups and institutions; cources and internships with the best professionals; trekking of various duration depending on technical level; incentive and outdoor training aimed at managers and corporate human resources.
Ranch manager: 349. 24.01.585 5

Nolo bikes

at Roccatederighi
0564/569660 or 3479194958
bike repair-hardware-tires
C.Paganico 0564905058

Fishing tourism

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In the beautiful scenery of the Gulf of Telamon, a step away from the wonders of the Uccellina Park, Daniela III awaits you to make you live exciting days of relaxations and immaculate nature. Gianni and Lara will lead you to the discovery of these beautiful places, and will illustrate the innumerable variety of fish fauna and the best fishing techniques. Also, with freshly caught fish, you will be offered a fabulous lunch to rediscover the unique flavors that only the sea offers. In the period between July and November, exciting fishing trips for Bluefin tuna. Reservations for groups of max. 6 people. Upon reservation, we organize dinners on quay, with fish of the day.

For information and appointments:
055 2578278
339 4864448
[email protected]

Wine Tours and Tasting

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( www.winetourintuscany.com_)

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Day trips in Tuscany

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Tours Around Tuscany

Office +39 0577 1851602

Mobile +39 3472450225 (Gianni)
Tuscany, Italy
[email protected]


Royal Golf La Bagnaia


The course of the Royal Golf La Bagnaia is the first Tuscan 18 holes designed by the famous architect Robert Trent Jones, Jr.
This is a Par 71 long 6.101 meters that extends on an area of 120 hectares, perfectly harmonized within the context of the sweet hills of Siena. The Tuscan morphology represents a typical example of Inland Links, which refers to the Scottish Highlands with its rough rippling in the wind. The field is embellished with charming lakes by a majestic Club house, from which you can enjoy a unique view on all the 18 holes and the towers of Siena. Playing on this course is unique and exciting not only due to the mastery of Trent Jones, but also by the amazing views on the nature and the medieval city of Siena that reserves every hole (

Guided tour and tasting of cinta sienese at the Baruffaldi Farm

(25€ per person minimum 4 people)
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The farm Baruffaldi Daniele and sons is a family run farm. Born in the early 2000s as a hobby with 3 females and a boar, this herd has been growing more and more, like the love of the owner Daniele towards this splendid animal to reach a maximum of nearly 400 heads. Now it is stabilized with approx. 200 animals in which 20 for breeding, all strictly bred in the wild state in the beautiful hills of Siena.

The guided visit to this farm is a moment of pure curiosity for children and for adults, to discover the differences between the common pink pig and industrial breeding common throughout Italy, but above all for the delicious products that one may taste.